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Whatsapp Bulk Message

Whatsapp bulk message texting to any contact with the extension and software of SocialHub.

Unlimited  Whatsapp bulk message texting to any contact

How the extension works:

Activate the extension on Chrome

Activate our extension on your Google Chrome Browser

Open your Whatsapp Web

Open Whatsapp Web on your browser and load the extension

Set up and send the message

Open the extension, insert the contacts, set up the text and click send.

Functionalities of the Full Extension

Unlimited sends

Send countless text messages a day, mass messaging whenever you want with no additional cost.

Saved Bases

You can upload several client lists and save them to mass message on your next campaign

Defined time spans

You can define the time span between the sending of messages


As our extension is done through Whatsapp Web, it reduces the chances of blocking.

File upload

Send videos, audios, images and files to your contacts at once.

Send to contacts

You can send messages to all of your chat contacts, even the ones that are not saved.

Multi Templates

You can have multiple saved templates with texts, images, videos and files in general. Without the need of typing the message.

Unrestricted QR Code

You can save the QR code with more than one number, without the need of scanning it every time.

Watch the demonstrative video of the Full Extension

With our mass messaging extension you can automate your sales.

Whatsapp Chat Support

Our support team is available on our online chat, email and Whatsapp from 10am to 8pm.
We’ll answer you in up to 15 minutes and if necessary, we’ll call you and make a video

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Increase your sales in an average of 30%

Our clients had an average of 30% on the increase of their sales after starting to use
SocialHub. Some reached an increase of up to 70%.


Choose the annual plan and get up to a 50% DISCOUNT...

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Frequent Questions:

faq - Socialhub - Para todos os Negócios

There is no limit. The messagings are unlimited.

Our system has an intelligence that avoids the blocking of numbers, it only happens if
you send spams.

Yes, our system is through extensions. It works through Whatsapp Web. Which
means that you only need to have your number synchronized that it will work.

No, our extension doesn’t work with groups.

Yes, it’s a monthly signature with no fidelity. 😉

Over 12000 companies have used our solutions.

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